About the course

The online theory part of the full DriX Supervisor course was designed to help participants build the knowledge needed to participate to the practice sessions. It is a prerequisite to understand how to operate, deploy, store and transport DriX, but also to troubleshoot, make some repairs, diagnose problems, make preventive maintenance.

Those learning the online part only, will not own a full certification but will still gain very good insights.

  • Contents

    Drix Overview, Telecommunications equipment, Cameras and Lidar, Internal Sensors, Actuators, Payload Integration, Remote Control, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Electrical Architecture, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), Piloting, Launch & Recovery, Operations Over The Horizon, Diesel Engine, Mob/Demob & Transport, Preventive Maintenance, Composite Repairs.

  • Duration

    Participants are granted access to the platform during 6 months to revise concepts and to be updated on new developments.
    For those who shall transition to the full course, which includes 6 days practice sessions and certification, the duration of the online access will be extended to 12 months.

  • Certification

    Within 6 months from completion, the course fee paid here can be deducted from the full price for the entire training providing DriX Supervisor certification.

    Instructor-led hands-on training covers all practical aspects of: Piloting at sea (manual piloting and auto-piloting), Running daily pre-sail check list, Running missions with the Human-Machine-Interface (HMI), OTH Operations from a Remote Control Centre, DriX deployment and recovery, Commissioning, Payload Integration, Electric circuitry, Preventive maintenance and routine maintenance, DriX engine, Diagnosis

Full Certification

Those involved in projects with DriX must provide qualified personnel to operate it

A DriX Supervisor certification is issued after completion of on iXblue’s official full training

iXblue permission

To access this course requires prior agreement and permission from iXblue.
Unless you have it, do not proceed to check out.