Training on advanced technology

  • Technology Domains

    Technology of sensors, acquisition and post-processing software, solutions for mapping, positioning and navigation, autonomous platforms and unmanned vehicles.

  • How this works

    Participants are provided with instructions on how to operate and maintain products, improve efficiency, troubleshoot and enhance the scope of the equipment during operations.

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Using this eLearning platform on your own time is very easy. You are granted access to the lessons, including all the updates available to the curriculum during several months after your first log in. You can replay the lessons after completion of the course to refresh your memory and download some important documents to carry out your mission.

For obtaining training, you might be given special access codes, otherwise, if see the option, you can purchase a course straight away.
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DriX Supervisor

Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Bespoke Training

eLearn appoints a dedicated trainer, who works close to manufacturers to provide a bespoke online training service tailored for their users

eLearn shall produce videos, presentations, tutorials, notes, audio of professional quality and make it accessible to customers on a platform for e-learning.

In this way, manufacturers can provide impeccable detailed instructions on how to operate and maintain their products.
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Basic Principles

Beginner Courses

Interested in learning about GNSS?

This course on satellite navigation is the first of a series of small eLearning programs created for beginners who want to understand the basic principles behind a technology in particular. Some of these mini courses are free!