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In order to gain access to the contents of some course (i.e DriX), you might need to undergo a screening process. You can sign-up, but, in same cases, per our clients' request, prior to enrolling your account to a training, we might request some information from you, including the signature of a NDA. Please sign up and we shall provide more details.

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With the purchase of a Gaps unit, iXblue might have provided their client with a voucher code that can be used during check out. So, no credit card needed (i.e. you are granted free access to the online course).  

For obtaining training on some products, there is no screening process, and no NDA to sign, you will start learning about Gaps straight away. 

Using this e-learning platform, on your own time is very easy. You are granted access to the lessons, including all the updates available to the curriculum during 3 months after your first log in. You can replay the lessons after completion of the course to refresh your memory and download some important documents to carry out your mission.